maandag 3 juni 2013

Organic veggies from city farm Caetshage

For the past two weeks I've tried out the weekly organic veggie box from our city's farm, Caetshage. We don't call it CSA in the Netherlands, but I guess that's what it is. I've been eating the same vegetables over and over again, and while there's nothing wrong with tomatoes and zucchini and red peppers because they're yummy and my favorite, as a vegetarian I should have more diversity in my diet. So that's where the veggie box comes in!
Last week I had lettuce, snow peas and fresh garlic (such great flavor, I just stir-fried it with some pasta), this week I have carrots, Belgian endive and bok choy. So far I'm loving having to make a meal out of the stuff I have, it tastes great and I haven't had to buy extra vegetables from the supermarket yet.
I actually got the box for 6 weeks as a birthday present from my friends, but so far I think I'll keep it on after that!
How about you, do you get vegetables in season from the farmer's market, or do you have a CSA like me? Or do you still buy them in the supermarket? Let me know!

Later today I'll try to write an update about my garden, so you can see how my plants are doing!

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